CES Sneak Peek: 9 Awesome Gadgets from the World's Biggest Tech Show

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Cosmo Connected Motorcycle Helmet

Cosmo Connected Motorcycle Helmet

This helmet safety light is all sorts of ingenious. Thanks to a built-in accelerometer, it knows when you’re braking and so can be set up to turn red and act like the motorcycle equivalent of the eye-level center brake light. (It can also be left always on or flashing, if you prefer.) The real secret sauce though is the smartphone app that links up via Bluetooth. Launch it when you saddle up and your route is traced via GPS on a map, and should you have an incident, the app automatically dials roadside assistance and sends your location if you aren’t able to respond to a return confirmation call. Extra smart: the light attaches to the helmet via a bracket and magnets, so it detaches when bumped instead of risking further head trauma. ($99; cosmoconnected.com)

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