CES Sneak Peek: 9 Awesome Gadgets from the World's Biggest Tech Show

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Giroptic iO

Giroptic iO

In the rush to virtual reality and 360 video, the missing link besides a viewer is, of course, a camera that is actually capable of capturing all that video. Most existing options are pricey or limited, however Giroptic’s iO is a nifty and low-cost shooter that plugs directly into an iPhone and captures ultra-crisp 1080p video in every direction, thanks to a pair of fish-eye lenses on either side. It’s truly plug-and-play simple, and from the companion app, you are able to view in real time what you’re shooting — move the camera in any direction and it automatically stitches the image together into seamless video. When you’re done, push a button to post your work directly to Facebook or YouTube. Compared with higher-end 4K options, the iO is definitely not pro quality, but at this price point, it’s a nifty option for those looking to try out 360 video without going all-in. ($249; giroptic.com)

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