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Lenovo Smart Assistant

Lenovo Smart Assistant

Amazon and Google’s line of voice-activated speakers (Echo and Home) are beloved for their brains. Not so much for their audio chops. Lenovo’s new speaker is an unexpected shocker: a clone of an Echo blessed by Amazon but with a different, more stylish housing. For the low-end model the result is a $50 price drop from the original and possibly a sonic bump up; a higher-priced $180, though, the same price as the original Echo, comes with a Harman Kardon–designed speaker that should translate to a major audio upgrade (the company wasn’t demoing at Unveiled but hopefully will later this week). While we’re psyched at the possibility of a more powerful speaker option, we’re really intrigued what future collaborations may bring and what sorts of devices may be hiding Alexa inside. ($130–$180)

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