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PKVitality K-Track Watch

PKVitality K-Track Watch

Redefining the “fitness” in fitness band, PKVitality’s pair of K-Track wrist pieces are equipped with an astonishing ability to perform a shallow micro-prick of their wearer’s wrist and perform complex analysis in under a minute. While the Athlete Model is able to measure levels of lactic acid, the arguably more impactful model measures blood glucose. This is potentially groundbreaking as PKVitality’s bands rely on a removable module (creepily named “SkinTaste”) that includes sensors, a pump, and microneedles that only puncture a half millimeter below the surface of the skin. For diabetics, who test blood 5 to 10 times a day and require a dedicated meter, lancets and strips, the Glucose is revolutionary: push a button and the micro needles jab and draw fluid at the wrist and within a minute display blood sugar onscreen. The watch can be used without an app, but if you pair it via Bluetooth, it tracks your schedule and lets you share results easily with your caretaker. Refills are pricey at $100 a pop, however that’s on par for what many diabetics pay for supplies anyway, with a major increase in convenience and presumably peace of mind. ($150; pkvitality.com)

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