CES Sneak Peek: 9 Awesome Gadgets from the World's Biggest Tech Show

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Polar Team Pro Shirt

Polar Team Pro Shirt

Polar is known as a pioneer in heart monitor bands, but this sleeveless base shirt makes its sensors all but invisible — making it ideal for contact sports that otherwise might put them in danger of being crushed (or denting the wearer). Intended solely for teams of pro and college-level athletes — though there’s no question a consumer model will eventually appear — the shirt has a removable receiver near the neck that syncs wirelessly with an app, allowing coaches to live monitor any number of stats on an individual or several players at once. So you might zoom in to check on performance levels, see heart rate live or over time, and get a running history of performance so you can tweak workouts on an incredibly precise and specific level as an athlete requires. (polar.com)

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