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Reliefband Nausea Band

Reliefband Nausea Band

Reliefband is a clever and, for many, life-altering bit of tech that could very well be the end of air and car sickness. The idea is that nausea can be cured if the signals the body relied on to feel sick can be disrupted, and so Reliefband actually lightly shocks its wearer, disrupting the signals that ordinarily would tell your body that it’s time to hurl. Wearers are able to adjust the intensity of the shock, which we’re told feels at first like a tingle but disappears quickly, and in most cases nausea is resolved within a few minutes. While it’s FDA-approved as a device for treating Morning Sickness, motion sickness, and general nausea, the company says unofficially it also works wonders for a very modern ailment produced by one of today’s most cutting-edge tech: the nausea that many experience from watching virtual reality video.

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