CES Sneak Peek: 9 Awesome Gadgets from the World's Biggest Tech Show

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Roost Smart Water and Freeze Detector

Roost Smart Water and Freeze Detector

One of the frequent knocks against smart-home tech is that many of the devices are simply luxury fluff without practical value. The Roost, a puck-like battery-powered water, humidity, and temperature sensor, is decidedly practical. Download the app and sync the device with your smartphone, then place it in any locale in your house where a leak might be particularly devastating — near the clothes washer, for instance — or in the basement where the water pipes come in. Should the temperature or humidity drop to a preset range (you can tweak it to your preference), or water touch its base, it will trigger an alarm notification right to your phone, and even to a friend or family member if you’re out of town. What makes the Roost especially impressive is that it has a three-year battery life using AAs, and it communicates via WiFi instead of range-hobbled Bluetooth. (Pre-order for Feb delivery, $50; getroost.com)

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