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Sensorwake Oria

Sensorwake Oria

The first product by Sensorwave, co-founded by then-teenager Guillaume Rolland, was an alarm clock that used smell from little chemical cartridges as the waking mechanism rather than traditional beeps, buzzes, or rings — his heartwarming inspiration was the residents in senior homes who wanted to be woken without disturbing nearby roommates. Oria is like a bizarre take on that notion, and instead is meant to gently usher one to sleep — and keep you asleep longer — through the use of scent. While that may sound like a stretch, Rolland says the company relied on Swiss scent-maker Givaudan’s research and subsequent patent along with EEG testing and found that certain combinations of smells can indeed alter sleep cycles and, thus, sleep quality. This first device is essentially a fan with a built-in timer that releases a first scent that is later followed up with a second scent that Rolland says helps maintain longer and better sleep. (The scent capsules are good for a couple months of use and will be cheap to replace, about $7.50 a pop.) Rolland says future versions will incorporate input from sleep sensors and fitness bands. ($150; sensorwake.com)

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