CES 2017: The 4 Gadgets Having the Most Fun

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GoPro Karma

GoPro Karma

Though not officially new, GoPro’s Karma was launched this fall and then recalled and pulled from shelves a few weeks later after a few reports of the action-cam style drone falling from the sky. A rep assured us the company undertook a full investigation and discovered the problem turned out to be a minor issue with the battery clip, causing it to vibrate loose. A fix is being finalized and so the drone will return for sale in the coming quarter. That’s terrific news, as it’s one of our favorite consumer-level drones we’ve seen. Unlike many rigid models that require elaborate assembly and breakdown before and after use, Karma’s rotors can stay attached, and the arms and struts fold in for easy stowage in an included padded carry backpack. The Karma relies on a Hero4 or 5 camera (not included), which attaches to a gimbal and a mini monopod, dubbed the Grip, that can be used as a handheld selfie-stick of sorts on its own or slid into the body of the Karma when you want to go airborne (in fact, the Karma won’t fly without it being inserted). There are a ton of drones that fly wonderfully, but we’ve rarely seen ones so thoughtfully designed, especially for the needs of the company’s action-oriented consumers. [shop.gopro.com]

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