CES 2017: The 4 Gadgets Having the Most Fun

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Hisense Laser TV

Hisense Laser TV

Ask anyone who the No. 1 TV seller in the world is, and you might rightly guess Samsung. But would you have any idea Hisense came in third? The company best known for its well-received line of TVs with built-in Roku showed off a largely terrific line of relatively low-cost 4K sets at the show. But the star for us was its extremely short-throw laser projector concept. It's a big but apparently lightweight box that uses lasers to shoot an unbelievably crisp and colorful image to a wall or the included 100-inch diagonal screen from just 13 inches away. It’s insanely cool, a million times better than attempting to haul and install a 100-inch screen. And did we mention it uses lasers? 

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