CES 2017: The 4 Gadgets Having the Most Fun

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Polaroid Pop

Polaroid Pop

We’ve been skeptical in the past of the resurrection of legendary photo brand Polaroid, but stopped in our tracks at the prototype of the company’s new Pop camera. It was a non-functioning model so finger’s crossed, but we’re thrilled by the revival of a modern take on the 3x4 instant prints of yesteryear. The shiny, happy, smooth camera body is fully digital with legit chops (20mp sensor, 1080p video, dual flash, image stabilization), able to capture images to SD card, and much smaller than the Land cameras. Inside is a Zink printer that pumps out instaprints. You can apply filters to the image before printing, and the company has yet to finalize pricing but expects the camera for under $200 and paper for around $1 a print. [polaroid.com]

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