What It's Like to Drive the $450,000 2018 Rolls-Royce Phantom

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The Half-Million Dollar Question
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The Half-Million Dollar Question

While the Phantom’s driving dynamics are vastly improved over its nautically inclined predecessor, the latest fat cat Roller still can’t touch the sportiness of considerably more inexpensive sedans from Mercedes-AMG or Porsche, let alone exotic offerings like the Aston Martin Rapide or Bentley Mulsanne. 

But in final analysis, that’s a non-issue; this Rolls-Royce stands alone in its ultra-luxurious refinement, which falls directly in line with its posh, British-y brand values. Unabashedly imposing and opulent, the Phantom is a four-wheeled edifice that makes an exuberant expression of lavishness pushed to the extreme. If you’ve got a spare $450,000 and aren’t afraid to be that person, the Phantom is a high-rolling no brainer.

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