From Alexa to Air-Controlled "Wings": The Craziest Tech in Cars Today

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The Chauffeur, Real and Digital

The Chauffeur, Real and Digital

Lincoln sees its 2018 Navigator is a vehicle for the young, well-heeled, and tech-savvy set, comfortable with asking for help when they need it. Part of its presentation was dedicated to Lincoln Chauffeur, a service that will provide a driver for you to take you home or away with you as a passenger in your own car. But likely more useful day-to-day was the news that you’ll be able to address the Navigator using Alexa, Amazon’s virtual voice assistant. This will happen both in the car and out: At home, you’ll be able to send directions to the vehicle’s nav system, so it’s prepped when you enter the car; once you’re headed home and inside the vehicle, you could tell the car to flip the lights on at the house, or turn up the A/C. (Alexa will also work in Ford models with the SYNC 3 infotainment system.)  

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