From His Ferrari F430 to the Lamborghini Diablo: A Closer Look at Trump's Car Collection
Jeffrey Ufberg / Getty Images

Yes, Donald Trump has a car collection — and it's not just a collection of limos to chauffeur him around either. That might come as a surprise to many, but when our current president was just another Manhattan CEO, fodder for the gossip columns, he splurged on many an exotic car. He was rarely, if ever, seen driving himself — even less so now that he’s Commander-in-Chief — but that didn’t stop him from amassing a haphazard collection that seems to follow the taste of Liberace rather than Ralph Lauren. On the news that a Ferrari F430 (albeit a less desirably specced semi-automatic model) once owned by Trump recently sold for a record $270,000 — after a post-auction bid from a buyer following an unmet auction reserve price — we take a look at the vehicles he’s purported to have owned over the decades, from classic saloons to tiny sports cars.