Hot Ride, Cool Kit: The Very Best of Summer Cycling Gear

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Hiplok Z LOK

Hiplok Z LOK

There's a lot of stopping on a summer bike ride — for water, ice cream, beer — but the last thing you want to carry with you is a heavy bike lock to keep your bike safe while you're using a bathroom or filling a water bottle. That's where Hiplok's new Z LOK comes in. Designed to deter opportunist bike thieves who target bikes left momentarily unaccompanied, the Z LOK is so light and portable that you can stuff it in your jersey pocket on the way out the door. It's essentially a 16-inch reusable zip tie with a steel core, nylon outer casing, and a double-sided ratchet system that locks when the tie is connected and unlocks with a small release key. It's perfect for car racks, strollers, and pretty much anything you don't want running-off when you're not looking. [$20 (two-pack);]

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