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Q36.5 L1 Dottore Bib Short

Q36.5 L1 Dottore Bib Short

The Dottore is the latest iteration of Q36.5's venerated Essential Bib Short. For the Dottore, Q36.5 uses the same graduated compression principle as the Essential, but doubles the varying compression densities in the proprietary woven fabric, going to eight instead of four to maximize the fit and ergogenic benefits of the short with an even more tailored, compressive feel. This means the shorts take a few rides to break in, as the fabric will stretch just a bit as it contours to your body. Made from a Q36.5-developed fabric that's a bit thinner than the fabric used in the Essential, the Dottore features a laser-cut gripper that minimizes "muffin-topping" by providing a seamless transition from the bib to your thigh. Q36.5 uses tubular straps that feel tight when standing, but vanish on the bike. The Dottore is also Q36.5's most aerodynamic bibshort thanks to the omission of forward-facing seams. We love that it's entirely black (including the logo), so we can wear it with any jersey. [$265;]

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