It's Time You Got an All-Weather Commuter: 7 Bikes to Buy Now

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Best for Hauling

Best for Hauling

Butchers and Bicycles Mk1

Low weight distribution and three wheels lend stability to the Mk1, so you can carry kids and cargo and get your cardio in, too. The lockable glove box comes in handy, and the hauler includes ISOFIX steel interfaces (the same that come standard in every car) for mounting two car seats directly in the hold. Since the box has a front door, your kids can just walk right in. Gearing is extra low, too, with a 34-tooth ring up front and a 10-42, 11-speed cog in the rear, so you can fetch groceries at the farmer's market, your boy from elementary school, and then churn home, packing in your cardio all the while. [$3,195;]

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