Style and Design 2017: 41 Items That Are Changing the Way We Live

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Crescent Moon Eva Snowshoe

Crescent Moon Eva Snowshoe

What do you get when you cross a running shoe with a snowshoe? A surprisingly revolutionary piece of outdoor gear that may make long walks in deep snow a lot more fun. The EVA All-Foam represents just the third leap in snowshoe evolution since the devices were first used by humans more than 5,000 years ago. Wooden frames begot aluminum, followed by injection-molded plastics. In this new iteration, three layers of EVA foam (the stuff in sneaker soles) provide both flotation and structural strength. The softer top layer is for flexibility and foot support, while the stiff bottom layer is contoured for traction. The rockered shape helps the shoe track cleanly using a natural walking stride, without the need for a heavy, hinged binding. It's perfect for everything from casual recreation to day-trekking in the mountains — and feels just like your favorite runners. [$160;]

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