Style and Design 2017: 41 Items That Are Changing the Way We Live

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POC Spin Helmet

POC Spin Helmet

POC pioneered the use of MIPS (multidirectional impact protection system), a thin plastic "slip" layer that fits between your head and the outer helmet, with the idea that if the helmet shifts on your head upon impact, it will dissipate some of the rotational force that's thought to cause concussions. But the company has now developed something different for its snowsport lids. Oscar Huss, head of product development, says that with the new SPIN helmets, internal gel pads "offer rotational impact protection, as they are able to steer in any direction." Since the SPIN pads replace the regular foam pads found in most helmets, the result is a less-bulky helmet to save your noggin. [From $220;]

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