Style and Design 2017: 41 Items That Are Changing the Way We Live

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Wheel by Miniot

Wheel by Miniot

What makes the record so cool is its vintage appeal. But that doesn't mean there isn't room for some forward thinking when it comes to vinyl. To make a new, lustworthy turntable, a Dutch design firm has turned the idea upside down. Literally. Turntable design hasn't changed much since your granddad brought home his first hi-fi cabinet during the Johnson administration. Netherlands- based designer Peter Kolkman decided to change that. "I always thought the design could be tighter," he says. "And the solution was to make the record player upside down." Kolkman stashed all the sensitive components, including a famously warm Audio Technica AT95E cartridge, in the dust-free area underneath the platter. A simple wooden joystick in the center is used to play, pause, and adjust volume. [$750,]

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