10 Beautiful Bikes You Can Buy Online Right Now
Scott Markewitz / Getty Images

Until recently, the bike industry remained loyal to its dealer networks and traditional sales channels. But in response to consumer demand, more brands are now making their new bikes available for sale online. That may mean lower prices on your next new ride or the ease of buying a rad bike while sitting on your couch. Either way, it’s great news. We took a trip around the internet to see just what’s available out there. Here are some cool new bikes we found.

Before You Buy Online

If you are new to cycling, you may find it easier to buy from a local bike shop, where you can test ride the bike and the staff can help you decide which bike is best for you. Some online retailers and brands will walk you through the process and help you figure out details such as sizing; others may simply ship you a bike and call it done. Nothing, though, takes the place of throwing a leg over a few bikes before deciding what’s right for you. Doing the research is half the fun of buying a new bike, so ask around and check out some reviews.

You should also be ready to do basic assembly on your purchase. We can’t think of a single online retailer that will ship a box large enough to contain a fully assembled, ready-to-ride bicycle! So if you’re scared of some minor wrenching, online bike shopping may not be for you. On the whole, though, the assembly process is going to be pretty straightforward. You might also look for a Velofix mobile bike shop in your area, if you need help working on your new bike.