The 10 Best Virtual Reality Games You Can Play Right Now

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EVE: Valkyrie

EVE: Valkyrie

CCP Games was one of the earliest developers to tackle VR, and it shows with this action-packed dogfighting adventure. From the first moment you sit in the cockpit, this game reveals the promise of VR with a fully realized and detailed world. Valkyrie is set within the deep EVE Online universe of New Eden, although it does away with all of the strategy of that core game and focuses its efforts on thrusting the player into the middle of a revenge story that pits the space pirates of Valkyrie against an evil corporation. Players can pilot an assortment of customizable, heavily armed spacecraft through intense single-player combat against enemy ships. The game really opens up with cooperative gameplay, where up to five players can create a squad and take on enemies. Multiplayer offers options like Team Deathmatch, Control, and Carrier Assault for never-ending battles in the stars. [Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, $40;]

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