The 10 Best Virtual Reality Games You Can Play Right Now

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The Arcslinger

The Arcslinger

Google has upgraded its virtual reality game with Daydream View. The $80 goggles already have exclusive games that take advantage of the hand controller and head tracking capabilities. One of the cooler games is the futuristic Western-themed first-person shooter The Arcslinger. Armed with the upgradeable gun Angelheart, players assume the role of Valiant and must take down Gold Smoke and his gang. The story unfolds through 15 levels of shooting action across different landscapes. And the game keeps things interesting through different upgrades to the gun, called Arcs, that unleash special powers. This game makes great use of the motion controller for aiming, and offers an entertaining story complete with top-tier video game voice actors like Nolan North. [Google Daydream, $5;]

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