The Best New Bikes and Gear at the 2017 Sea Otter Classic

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Elite Fly Bottle

Elite Fly Bottle

One long-overlooked place for weight-savings is water bottles and the family-owned Italian company Elite has set out to change that with the new Fly Bottle. According to Elite, a pair of Fly Bottles saves 70 grams per pair compared with traditional water bottle designs. The 54-gram Fly Bottle is manufactured with injection molding and the thickness of the plastic varies throughout the bottle. The middle section is the thinnest, making it easy to squeeze. The bottom is thicker, so that the bottle won’t tip over, while the top also has additional material to accommodate the threading for the screw-on top. The Fly Bottle, which holds 550ml is designed to pair with Elite’s Vico carbon bottle cage. Price: $8. 

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