The Best of CES 2017: Our 13 Favorite Products

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Cosmo Connected Helmet Brake Light

Cosmo Connected Helmet Brake Light

The sure sign of CES success is the question: Why hasn’t this always existed? Cosmo’s Connected is a smart brake light that attaches to your helmet and acts as an extra brake light. It has a built-in accelerometer to detect motion and triggers when you slow down, making you far more visible at eye level to the jerk tailgating behind you. But it can also be set via an app to flash or remain on for, say, sunset rides or inclement weather. That would be enough, but Connected’s final trick is the companion software, which tracks your trips, and, should you end up in a crash, automatically sends word to collision assistance. If you don’t reply to a confirmation call quick enough, the cavalry is called in to your exact GPS coordinates (it can also be set to auto-notify loved ones as well), who can also get access to your medical history if needed. The company says it should begin shipping in the United States in May. [$99;]

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