The Best of CES 2017: Our 13 Favorite Products

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Garmin Fenix 5

Garmin Fenix 5

While Apple may own the smart-watch category, Garmin is at the forefront with its fitness- and activity-centric models. The trick with multisport watches is balancing capabilities with the inevitable bulk that comes with them, and tends to result in a timepiece that at worst feels like a comic wrist weight. The updated Fenix line is largely an iterative upgrade, but for us, it's a crucial one in that the company has managed to cram all the same functionality into smaller, sleeker packages. The 5 line includes two models that are more friendly to those among us with wrists on the far end of the Popeye scale (no judgment) and then the monster 5X. The latter is slightly lower profile but its big 51mm screen earned a few more features, including TOPO U.S. maps and cycling maps that can suggest nearby routes based on preferences (ride length or time). Similarly it can call up waypoints mid-workout, thanks to built-in GPS. And unlike any other watch with brains, the Fenix is satisfyingly rugged and long-lived, able to sip batteries for up to eight days, or a full 24 hours when using GPS — a far cry from a day or two of smart varieties — while able to hit scuba depths without skipping a beat. [$699;]

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