The Best of CES 2017: Our 13 Favorite Products

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Giroptic iO

Giroptic iO

Virtual reality isn't a sure thing. If the much-hyped but little-used tech is going to avoid the dangers of 3D, and actually stick around long enough to go mainstream, VR enthusiasts will need an endless supply of content — both professionally produced and captured by amateurs — to justify strapping on that awkward headgear. While we wait for the entertainment industry to step up the pace on polished VR footage, Giroptic's IO camera lets you shoot your own VR-ready footage directly onto an iPhone. It snaps onto the bottom of the phone (connecting to the Lightning port) and captures HD photos and video in 360 degrees. You can view those after-the-fact on a phone or computer, dragging a super-distorted image or clip to see different angles. But the real point of a 360-degree camera this cheap and straightforward is to experiment with VR, filling this early dearth of Goggle-ready content while also learning the weird new ropes of VR videography. [$249;]

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