The Best of CES 2017: Our 13 Favorite Products

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LeEco Smart Road Bike

LeEco Smart Road Bike

Before the term “smart-bike” sends your eyes rotating out of their sockets, listen to these features, and tell us this 11-speed carbon fiber bike wouldn't be fun to ride: It uses lasers to paint lines on the ground on either side of you, an eye-catching way of keeping distracted or disinterested drivers from casually running you off the road. Its built-in four-inch Android-running touchscreen offers turn-by-turn GPS navigation and walkie-talkie-like communication with other LeEco smart bikes. It tracks speed, distance, and, if you hook up third-party sensors, your power and heart rate. It also streams music. Granted, you can get most of these features from a mounted smartphone and/or cycling computer, but this is a more integrated glimpse of bikes to come. And it has those lasers. [Price TBD;]

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