The Best of CES 2017: Our 13 Favorite Products

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Powervision Power Ray Drone

Powervision Power Ray Drone

If you like fishing as it is — slow, meditative, contemplative — skip this entry. But if fishing seems sorely lacking in fast-paced efficiency, not to mention robots, allow us to introduce you to the Powervision PowerRay Drone. It uses sonar to locate fish within 30 meters, sends alerts when it gets a solid ping, and has a camera that sends live HD video to your Android or iOS phone, so you can confirm its findings. The drone can turn on an LED lure to draw those fish closer to your line, and record the catch as it happens at 4K resolution. And if the fishing angle doesn't float your bait, consider strapping on a VR headset for some first-person exploration of lakes or ponds (it's controllable up to 70 meters away). [Price TBD;]

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