The Best of CES 2017: Our 13 Favorite Products

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Samsung Q9 QLED TV

Samsung Q9 QLED TV

During the last half-decade or so, what had been a lively Battle Royale among TV-makers for flatscreen supremacy has settled into a narrow, more focused duel. On one side there's LG, whose OLED TVs deliver the inkiest blacks in the industry (see above). On the other is Samsung, which is pushing for increasingly brighter displays. Samsung's latest counter to OLED is called QLED, short for quantum dot LED. Samsung and others have used this tech before — it combines traditional LED displays with a film of nano-crystals that boost color accuracy — but the company claims to have optimized it with this year's TVs. New models like the top-tier 4K-resolution Q9 QLED can display more total colors, as well as more fine-tuned control of the colors in individual pixels, than previous quantum dot TVs. And it does that at twice the maximum brightness. OLED might look better to our eyes in optimal viewing conditions (lights off, curtains drawn), but quantum dot displays stand up better to the glare and ambient light of a typical sun-drenched room. Whichever you prefer — deeper blacks or more vibrant colors — the longer this duel drags on, the more impressive both companies' TVs will be. [Price TBD,]

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