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Nathan Chrome Steel 25-Ounce Ombre
Courtesy of Nathan5/6

Nathan Chrome Steel 25-Ounce Ombre

I don’t need anything fancy from a water bottle. It certainly doesn’t need any gadgetry. That’s because I lose them all the time: on busses, in trains, at tracks. Which is why I really only require three things: Does it keep the water reasonably cold? Does it change the taste? And does it cost a ton of money?

Running hydration specialists Nathan have built the perfect product to meet my criteria. The Ombre not only looks great on my desk, it will keep ice frozen for nearly 24 hours. Plus, less than 25 bucks, if I lose it, I won’t be too alarmed (though because I love it so much, I tend to keep track of this one a little better than the previous plastic throwaways I used to carry). (, $25)

—Kit Fox, Senior Editor

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