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Sitka Core Midweight Zip-T
Courtesy of Sitka Gear2/6

Sitka Core Midweight Zip-T

Over the past several years, hunting-gear manufacturers have finally started to build camo systems that are lightweight, form-fitting, and able to handle serious movement and motion. That means no more feeling like a marshmallow in oversized coveralls as you waddle into the woods. Waterfowlers and Western big-game hunters were quick to embrace the trend, immediately seeing the value in apparel that affords a wide range of motion, whereas whitetail hunters, for one reason or another, have been slower to get onboard. That could soon change, with category-leader Sitka going all in on deer gear. The new Core Midweight Zip-T, in the Optifade Elevated II pattern, is an insulated fleece base layer and, if you ask me, one of Sitka’s premier products. Warm outer layers are important, but the Core Zip-T is what will really get you through those frosty November mornings in the whitetail woods. 

—J.R. Sullivan, Senior Editor


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