The Most Important New Products From Outdoor Retailer 2017, Ranked

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3. Mountain Hub Avetech Scope Pole

3. Mountain Hub Avetech Scope Pole

Snow probes — the sensors that you jab down into powder to see what kind of icy conditions lay beneath — have traditionally been the tools of professionals only. Not only were they obnoxious to haul around, but they were also prohibitively expensive. Mountain Hub’s previous model, for instance, cost $1,500 — about three times this one. That’s set to change. The Scope Pole, available in August, is a probe embedded in a ski pole, so you can take quick readings on the avalanche risk as you move through untracked territory. It extends to 55 or 67 inches (depending on the model) and uses a set of three sensors to send real-time snow analysis to your phone via Bluetooth. While the device is still best suited for serious skiers with some level of avalanche training, it’s still the closest thing we have to a consumer-level device for avoiding dangerous territory. [$499;]

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