The Most Important New Products From Outdoor Retailer 2017, Ranked

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4. Helly Hansen Odin Veor Jacket

4. Helly Hansen Odin Veor Jacket

You see the horizontal tubes on this jacket? Those are baffles, and they’re designed to hold loose down insulation in place. They also trap a lot of heat — sometimes too much, when you’re rocking 800 fill-power down (like you will be with this one) and out for a day on the mountain. So to create a more efficient venting system, the Odin Veor does something unique: It allows five of its lower-back baffles to swing open like vents. The idea is you’ll open and close them without even thinking about it. When you’re cold, you pull your shoulders up and in, tightening the fabric stretched across your back and closing the vents. When you’re your warm, you relax your shoulders, and the slack allows the vents to swing freely. Also cool is Helly’s use of synthetic insulation in the jacket's collar. Unlike natural down, it continues to trap heat when it’s wet, which means you won’t lose insulation power when you start puffing steamy air into your collar. [$350;]

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