The Newest Wave of Electric Cars, From $12,500 to $135,700

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BMW i3

BMW i3

The BMW i3 hatchback has been on sale since 2014 as a full electric or a “range-extended” hybrid, but the EV’s paltry range made the plug-in hybrid the obvious choice. Until now. For 2017, BMW is offering a 33-kWh battery in the i3 that is good for 114 miles per charge — a 40 percent improvement, or 33 additional miles over the 22-kWh version. Regardless of the battery density increase, you’ll still enjoy the i3’s one-pedal driving and slick moves in the city. This BMW is all about efficiency, but it’s fun to drive, stylish, and practical. [118 MPGe combined; 114-mile electric-only range; $44,595]

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