Upgrade Your Power Tools: 9 Seriously High-Tech Drills, Saws, and Sanders

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Festool Random Orbital Sander

Festool Random Orbital Sander

Pneumatic orbital sanders are the best — but you need an air compressor to run one. Electric sanders are lighter and quieter, but notoriously gutless and often flimsy. All can be a mess to clean up. Say hello to this six-inch brushless electric sander from Festool. Not only does it come with an option that prevents it from being operated without the dust bag attached, it punches above its weight in the suction department. Another advantage is the electronic vibration control. It may seem pricy at first glance, except when you consider you don’t need an air compressor and you can run it all day without going numb. We’ll stack this baby against any pneumatic sander in this size and class.  [$485; amazon.com

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