Upgrade Your Power Tools: 9 Seriously High-Tech Drills, Saws, and Sanders

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Milwaukee Fuel Hex Impact Driver

Milwaukee Fuel Hex Impact Driver

Trust us, there will come a time when you won’t want to lug around a big ol' drill, but will need a versatile tool with power and stamina. When that day comes you’ll be glad you have the M12 1/4-inch impact driver. Don’t be misled by its size; this hand-held dynamo delivers up to 1,200 inch-lbs. of peak torque, enough power to drive lag bolts through 4x4’s. Break out the socket set and you’re ready to change out mower blades, remodel the home office, or tackle any long list of honey-do projects. The best features are the two-speed selector switch and push-to-lock chuck — something lacking in many of its competitors. [$169; truevalue.com]

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