Upgrade Your Power Tools: 9 Seriously High-Tech Drills, Saws, and Sanders

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Movo LED + HD DVR Flashlight

Movo LED + HD DVR Flashlight

As if you needed another reason to resent your smartphone, the humble and forgotten flashlight has, for the most part, been relegated to the back of the tool box. This high-tech Movo seeks to prolong the magic. Six LEDs provide 1200 lumens for 150 feet of illumination, with High Beam, Low Beam, SOS, and Strobe modes. Meanwhile, the internal camera takes 12MP still pictures and HD video and the handle even has a built-in viewscreen. Use it to document storm damage to your home or auto damage on the side of the road. Home inspectors will definitely want this tool to document their work. It's not cheap, but think of how valuable it will be when you need it. [$300; amazon.com]

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