Google Fit: The Next Big Thing in Health Tracking?

David Singleton, Director of Engineering of Android at Google, stands in front of a Samsung Gear Live watch during the Google I/O Developers Conference at Moscone Center on June 25, 2014 in San Francisco, California. Credit: Stephen Lam / Getty Images

Google confirmed rumors today of its new health service called Google Fit, a platform that can organize all of your health data from existing fitness-tracking apps and sensors. In a few weeks, developers will be able to use the software kits to build apps that help you get the most out of these wearable devices.

The announcement comes at a time when health tracking devices are reaching a fever pitch, and companies including Apple with its rumored iWatch, are looking to gain a foothold in the multibillion dollar body-monitoring market.

Google already has announced a line of Android Wear (watches that will be produced by Motorola, LG, and Samsung) that include access to heart rate, calorie burn, exercise intensity, and data from any other health-tracking apps you have. 

Google Fit allows partners like Adidas, Nike, and Withings, among others, to access data from your various devices and help come up with personalized health, diet, or fitness recommendations. 

Your all-in-one fitness app isn't here yet, though: The next step will be for these companies to develop the app that coaches you from couch to triathlon, or can help you get summer fit faster