How to Turn Your Phone into a Coach

Credit: Courtesy Tennis Agility Lite

These four apps will help to get you in shape, analyze your swing, care for your racket, and learn the best pro tricks. 

Best for Fitness: Tennis Agility Lite
Loaded with speed and agility drills, many from the ITF, for everything from staying steady on the baseline to getting to the net more quickly. [free; iOS]

Best for Video Analysis: Coach's Eye
This video app lets you record your strokes and play back in slow motion to improve technique. It's simple to use, and the videos are easy to share. [$5;]

Best for Racquet Care: RacquetTune
Tap a screwdriver on your string bed and RacquetTune uses the frequency to determine your string tension and stiffness. It's great for learning how tension changes over time. [$2; iOS]

Best For Learning From the Pros: ATP/WTA Live
This app breaks down every pro match by the numbers, and can help you learn more about your own game by analyzing those of the professionals. [free; iOS, Android]