Pentax K-30 DSLR

Here's hoping that the Pentax K-30 is the future of the DSLR. This 16-megapixel shooter's distinguishing trait (great pics aside) is its weather-sealed housing. Coupled with a Pentax WR (water-resistant) lens, it can survive downpours, blizzards, and sandstorms – or spilled drinks at a party. Now, plenty of cameras are ruggedized, but this one looks just like any other DSLR, which makes more of a more discreet statement. With built-in anti-shake technology, it's perfect for taking focused shots everywhere from a jeep on safari to a mountain bike on a gravel-heavy trail. The K-30 takes 1080p HD video, too, though we wish it had a dedicated video button (for now, you need to flip the mode dial on the top to "video"). That said, programmable e-dials on the front and back let you set parameters for things like aperture and shutter speed, making custom shooting on the fly a cinch. Another seemingly basic, but quite convenient feature: In addition to rechargeable Li-ion batteries, the K-30 takes plain old AA batteries, too, in case you run out of juice before you have a chance to plug in again (the 3-inch LCD on the back will do that if you use it too much versus the viewfinder). Another nice plus? It actually comes in a couple of different colors besides boring black: white and blue, specifically (click on the gallery above to see them). All in all, the ideal DSLR for active adventurers who want versatility, speed, and precision while shooting. [$900 w/ 18-55mm lens, $200 to $850 for water-resistant lenses,]