A Bike Rack That Prevents Saddlebag Theft

The top of Blackburn's Interlock rack can lock your panniers or saddlebags into place.

What It Is: The top of Blackburn's Interlock rear bike rack flips open and locks shut to secure your panniers or saddlebags. Blackburn's line of Interlock-compatible bags can also secure their contents via a compression strap that attaches under the top.

Why We Like It: The highly adaptable rack fits with all major wheel sizes and with or without disc brakes. We installed ours on a 700c city bike with a full rear fender and paired it with Blackburn's Central saddlebags ($130). The pair of panniers locked onto the rack, and we tested its 45-pound capacity frequently with packed-to-the-gills beer and grocery runs. Though the locking top adds weight, the aluminum rack never felt like it added heft to our bike. And while Blackburn says only its compatible bags lock into the rack, any pannier with a handle or strap can likely be secured.

Nitpick: The utility and security come with a higher price tag, about twice that of the similar no-lock Central rack ($65). Not everyone may need their panniers locked down, but it was a welcome feature for our test bike that spends its days locked on a New York City sidewalk.

[$120; blackburndesign.com]