Trek Recalls a Million Bikes After a Cyclist Is Paralyzed

The faulty quick-release skewer affects Trek bikes sold between 2000 and 2015.

After a rider was paralyzed due to an injury caused by faulty parts on a Trek bicycle, the Wisconsin-based manufacturer has recalled 900,000 bikes in the U.S. and 98,000 in Canada that were sold between the years 2000 and 2015.

The recall covers all bikes featuring a quick-release lever on the front wheel skewer. The piece was found to interfere with the disk brakes, causing the bike's wheel to stop turning or disjoin from the frame. The Consumer Product Safety Commission announced the need for a product recall after a rider suffered quadriplegia as well as facial and wrist injuries caused by crashes.

In response, Trek is offering to replace all quick release levers free of charge and will additionally give consumers a $20 coupon for Bontrager cycle accessories. If you own a Trek, contact your nearest Trek dealer to find out whether or not your model requires a new quick-release lever. Trek has also resourced riders with videos that demonstrate how you can remove the quick release lever yourself.