A 30-Minute Bodyweight Workout to Build Core Strength and Balance

A full body workout with Neil Totton Part 2

Neil Totton of Totton Body Lab is with us today at lululemon athletica's HUB seventeen in NYC to run is through a bodyweight workout aimed at improving balance and core strength.

Posted by Men's Journal on Friday, July 8, 2016

"Balance is fundamental for all movement," says Neil Totton, a personal trainer in New York City. That idea — one that Laird Hamilton would certainly agree with — is the driving principle of this deceptively tough workout that can be done anywhere with no equipment. This is a workout that is all about function — so don't expect to get big guns or a six-pack from it. What you will find, if you repeat this a few times a week, is that your core strength, agility, flexibility, and balance will improve in no time. 

Be sure to warm up before the workout. See below for Totton's 10-minute warm-up.