Here is One of the Most Impressive Feats of Physical Prowess the Internet Has to Offer

Credit: Instagram/ejikmem

God help you if you ever find yourself in some sort of physical competition with Eirik Thingstad Lundstein. If you haven't seen the 28-year-old Norwegian martial artist/gymnast/bodybuilder/Instagram genius do his whole superhuman weight-lifting thing yet, you're missing one of the most impressive things the internet has to offer. Lundstein's feats include backflips holding first heavy kettlebells and then a loaded barbell — which, for most of us, is only conceivable as something we'd attempt as an extremely drunk and ill-advised dare.

It’s nice to see someone with such absurd control over his body, but since you are probably not such a person, you should probably, definitely, not try this stuff at home. Or in a gym. Or pretty much anywhere, really.

Disclaimer aside, if you see this and it made you want to get into building a super-functional, strong body, check out the Men's Journal series Fit From Scratch.