11 “Healthy” Things That Are Actually a Waste of Time

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Adductor/Abductor machines

Adductor/Abductor machines

Adductor and Abductor machines isolate muscles in a way that you never would in real life — making them one of the least functional movements you can do on a gym floor. There are far more effective ways to strengthen your inner and outer thighs: use a compound exercise that will incorporate a number of muscle groups at once (which is exactly how you’ll use your inner/outer thigh muscles in day-to-day life). A great go-to for the outside of your thighs is Monster Walks. Here's how: 

  •  Put a looped resistance band just below your knee. 
  • Get into a half squat stance. 
  • Step laterally in one direction, then the other. 
This movement will also hit the hips and glutes. For the inner thighs, get into a side plank and, while holding the plank, raise your bottom leg up and down slowly. Not only will this target the inner thigh, but you’ll get core, and shoulder-strengthening, too.
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