11 “Healthy” Things That Are Actually a Waste of Time

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Avoiding GMOs
Daniel Acker / Bloomberg / Getty Images 2/11

Avoiding GMOs

Despite all the controversies over labeling foods made with GMO ingredients, the FDA says such foods on the market now are as safe as similar foods with no whiff of GMOs. The official policy of the American Medical Association supports safety studies before new foods with GMO ingredients are marketed, but not because there’s anything inherently dangerous about the methods of genetic engineering — it considers the risks of foods made from crops with directly modified DNA equivalent to those of non-modified crops. And a report from the National Academy of Sciences cites research that compared rates of chronic diseases like cancer in the U.S., where food with GMOs has been eaten since the late 1990s, and the U.K., where it hasn’t. There wasn’t a difference. You may have other reasons to avoid GMOs, but health isn’t one of them.

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