2016's Most Misguided Fitness Trends (And What You Should Be Doing Instead)

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Bikram Yoga
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Bikram Yoga

If Bikram’s your thing, you’ve come to terms with that signature “wet carpet/dirty sock” scent, as well as the tedium of doing the same 26 poses in the same order. Every. Single. Class.

Instead: Opt for hot vinyasa flow. There’s actually a huge difference: Bikram is its own brand, and ambassadors peddle repetition combined with stifling heat. Sure, sweating it out feels great after a hard week of heavy lifting (or a night of overindulgence), but the only time the thermostat should read 105 degrees is during a weather advisory. Plenty of studios (that don’t smell like feet) bump up the temps to a more tolerable mid-90s and switch up the sequences from class to class.

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