2016's Most Misguided Fitness Trends (And What You Should Be Doing Instead)

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Boxing Gyms
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Boxing Gyms

Boutique boxing gyms had a great year. Maybe because Hollywood made an even bigger badass out of Michael B. Jordan as Rocky's protege in Creed, or because everyone saw Miles Teller melt down to a fighting 6 percent body fat in Bleed For This. Either way, gyms that took the blood 'n' sweat mien of a regular boxing ring and dressed it in Equinox robes are making a luxury-priced killing right now.

Instead: Buy a heavy bag. If you aren't boxing to actually fight someone, you don't need an Angelo Dundee–esque trainer — and paying more for specialized instruction when you can do the basics at home doesn’t make any sense. Most boxing workouts can be done with minimal equipment — we're talking jump rope, hand wraps, a pair of gloves, and a decent punching bag — that you can keep in the garage. For less than the cost of a month at one of the fancier boxing gyms, you can get in your jabs and uppercuts, but still afford to pop into a spin class when the mood strikes.

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