4 Seriously Underrated Ab Exercises

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Pallof Press

Dani Singer, NASM-certified trainer and the Director of Fit2Go Personal Training, says the pallof press is like the plank of oblique exercises, forcing you to resist movement of the spine (specifically rotation), developing stability and strength through this often-overlooked area of the core.

  • Set a cable pulley at shoulder height and stand a couple feet away, with right shoulder closest to the pulley, feet hip-distance apart, knees slightly bent.
  • Grab the pulley handle and pull it to the center of your chest, elbows bent at sides, hands clasped at sternum.
  • Tighten core and keep hips and shoulders square and forward-facing.
  • Press arms straight out from chest, resisting any twisting motion through hips or core. Steadily bring hands back to chest. Perform 10 controlled reps before switching sides. 
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